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Out & About practical travel guides to a city or area. Travel options to and within the region are reviewed and places of interest to visit.



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TTR001 Out & About Hong Kong

TTR001 Out & About Hong Kong£17.00

First in series of travel guides- arrival in HK, exploration by public transport, places to visit

TTR006 Out & About Lisbon

TTR006 Out & About Lisbon£19.00

Out & About Lisbon

TTR008 Out & About Munich

TTR008 Out & About Munich£20.00

Out & About Munich

TTR012 Out & About the Romantic Rhine

TTR012 Out & About the Romantic Rhine£22.00

A journey by boat and train from Mainz to the confluence with the Mosel at Koblenz

TTR017 Out & About Barcelona

TTR017 Out & About Barcelona£25.00

Arrival by Talgo at Portbou. Use the transport system in and out of the city and along the coast. plenty of trains to admire!

TTR022 Out & About Stockholm

TTR022 Out & About Stockholm£22.00

A tour of the largest Scandinavian city with camerman Gerald Masser.

TTR026 Out & About Cologne

TTR026 Out & About Cologne£22.00

Out & About Cologne

TTR039 Out & About Helsinki

TTR039 Out & About Helsinki£22.00

Out & About Helsinki

TTR047 Out & About Bratislava

TTR047 Out & About Bratislava£22.00

40 miles from Vienna and we arrive by train.Visit the sights using tram and trolley systems,visit the National Rail Museum and go deeper into Slovakia by train to Trnava.Slovakian railfreight for enthusiasts.

TTR048Out & About Vienna

TTR048Out & About Vienna£24.00

Arrival by rail, getting to grips with public transport and using the Vienna card to see the city sights, trips outside the city.

TTR051 Out & About Nürnberg

TTR051 Out & About Nürnberg£24.00

Out & About Nürnberg

TTR052 Out & About Oslo Bergen

TTR052 Out & About Oslo Bergen£22.00

Not the largest of Nordic cities but certainly a dramatic setting at the head of the fjord- plus a run across the top of the world to Bergen.

TTR063 Out & About Amsterdam

TTR063 Out & About Amsterdam£23.00

Amsterdam - getting there by road and rail.See the city by tram, canal boat ferry. City attractions and day trips to Hoorn, national rail museum, Madurodam, Delft pottery...

TTR081 Out & About Two Swiss Lakes

TTR081 Out & About Two Swiss Lakes£22.00

A journey by boat and train to Lac de Genève and Lac de Neuchâtel and the sights.

TTR082 Out & About Hamburg

TTR082 Out & About Hamburg£23.00

Out & About Hamburg

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