TTR171 Czech Railways part 4 Břeclav border

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A special tri-border edition where we spend time at one of those delightful locations where three railway administrations come together and cohabit. Břeclav is where Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia meet. We look at Břeclav  then move steadily south- not over the Nordbahn to Vienna but over the direct route to Bratislava. An oft forgotten railway, but it shouldn’t be as it teems with international freight and long distance passenger traffic: on this line you will see trains from Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, plus the ‘usual suspects’! All three countries with borders near Břeclav have substantial chemical industries nearby: Slovakia has SLOVNAFT at Bratislava, Austria has OMV south-east of Vienna, and the Czech Republic has UNIPETROL / PARMO at Pardubice. To these should be added the Hungarian MOL group – now owners of SLOVNAFT – who refine and crack near Budapest. It should therefore come as no surprise to see a considerable volume of tank wagon activity both by trainload and wagonload. This includes the transport of chlorine – a very dangerous chemical – but one essential to the plastics industry. After visiting the small Slovakian towns along the way: Kúty, Malacky, Zohor (where we find an ‘SNCF’ Alstom BB75100- a PRIMA diesel at work!) and Devínska Nová Ves‎ (home of VW in Slovakia) we reach Bratislava. We  look round the historic centre and admire the trams before visiting the main stations and the city’s marshalling yard at Východ. Narrated Filmed in HD RT 80mins. Published March 2013. ©FHP 2013

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