TTR193 The Railways of France part 2 Lorraine, Metz & Nancy.

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It helps to understand the railways in the area if we know something of the history of eastern France. After the defeat of France in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870, the area of Alsace-Lorraine was annexed by the newly created German Empire,  Alsace-Lorraine became a Reichsland and Metz became in effect a German city. What we see today is a modern French society and a railway built on German foundations!  This film is based around the two largest cities in Lorraine: Metz and Nancy.
Gare Metz is a remarkable station – a little bit of Imperial Germany transplanted to France. Through Metz you will see the familiar face of French railways  the TGV plus naturally the region sponsored TER locals and International trains between Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland.  The complex rail geography of the area is demonstrated at Metz South – turntable for freight train distribution. We visit the Metz Woippy classification yard and see how it fits into the FRET SNCF wagon-load network.  We move south along side the Moselle towards Nancy pausing at the LGV Interconnection on the way. While FRET SNCF are based at Woippy the ECR ‘alternative’ wagonload hub will soon be based south of Nancy. Interesting times!  65mins   Filmed in HD. Narrated. Published February 2014. ©FHP 2014

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