TTR141 Hungarian railways part 1 the west

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Hungary- a little exotic, a little different. This instalment  tours  the western part of the country starting at Hegyeshalom, the border station of MAV - the Hungarian state railway and the Austrian OBB. We follow the Ostbahn in Hungary to the regional capital Györ,  the junction station with the semi independent GySEV. At Györ there is a procession of international trains: RailJets from Munich, sleeper trains from Switzerland and classic ECs but no longer can we glimpse the Orient Express- that's just a memory! International freight is seen as well - Audi have a car plant in town and you see their unit train heading for Heilbronn in Germany. Before heading further south we look around the splendid town - then back tracking to Csorna to follow the EU freight corridor towards the rapidly expanding port of Koper (Slovenia) as far as Szombathely, another delightful town and an amazing rail centre, the crossroads of MAV, the Hungarian state railways and GySEV. Here you see passenger car representatives of four railway administrations of the former Yugoslavia in a single train! A new international freight route is being created that will be in direct competition with the OBB Südbahn and the new transalpine Koralmbahn between Graz and Villach. Further south to the twin border crossings with Croatia at Murakeresztúr and Gyékényes These are now busy places,  freight is returning after years of Balkan turmoil.  Narrated RT 60 mins Published October 2010   

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