Sales to EU

Buying our titles from a EU Member country and (perhaps)Northern Ireland.

Since our first days as a producer (1999) we have enjoyed being able to supply customers throughout the EU without any restrictions. This so called ‘frictionless’ trade came to an abrupt end on the first of January this year because of Brexit and the very poor trading arrangements that replaced the single market and the customs union. 

We really value our friends in Europe and are so sorry that they (and us) will be put through so much inconvenience and have additional costs imposed on them. Until July this year there should exist exceptions for small orders. (up to €22.00, including actual postage charged.) As implied this dispensation will be removed on June 30th.  How goods from UK mainland to Northern Ireland are treated is unclear.

We are powerless to do anything about these circumstances apart from recommending that you have a look at our titles that are available on our Vimeo streaming platform. Here we have an increasing selection (including all our latest products) available for purchase or rental. The Vimeo price is automatically adjusted for local VAT (included in the price) – there will be no nasty extra costs on top – (though because the base price is in US $ the headline price will vary slightly day to day with currency changes).


The gateway to Ticket to Ride.. on Vimeo is through the web site. We will be working over the next six months to improve our Vimeo interface and to increase the number of titles available.


We would also like to take this opportunity to share with you that both Dave (Hughes) and Tim (Martin) hope to be out filming again this year. Spring filming may or may not happen but we have hopes for the autumn!